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Fighting for the Rights of Employees and Whistleblowers

Dedicated, experienced and respected lawyers committed to advancing employee rights.


Our experienced employment lawyers know that no employee should experience discrimination, harassment, or termination because of their race, age, gender, sex, disability, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity or familial status. We fight retaliation at work, and fight against sexual harassment and hostile work environments.

Our employment attorneys are skilled negotiators, representing executives, managers, and all employees in contract and compensation issues. We are trial lawyers, fighting for employees across Minnesota.

Click here to learn about employment laws that prohibit discrimination, harassment, retaliation or wrongful termination.


Kitzer Rochel represents whistleblowers, helping them obtain significant rewards under robust whistleblower or “qui tam” laws. “Blowing the whistle,” or reporting legal violations,  is protected by state and federal law.

If you reported concerns about misconduct or suspected illegal behavior at work, and are concerned about retaliation, you may be a whistleblower. You should contact experienced employment law attorneys to understand your rights and obligations.

Similarly, if you are an employee with direct knowledge or information regarding IRS Tax Fraud, False Claims or fraud against the government such as Medicare, Medicaid, and National Defense Frauds, Banking Fraud, Securities or Commodities Fraud, or Foreign Corrupt Practices, please contact Kitzer Rochel to discuss your options.

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