Workers’ Compensation Retaliation

Employees who are injured at work may file for workers’ compensation benefits.  Unfortunately, employees who seek workers’ compensation benefits, or who file workers’ compensation claims, are frequently retaliated against by their employers.

Minnesota law prohibits employers from terminating and/or threatening to terminate employees because they seek workers’ compensation benefits.  Employers are also prohibited from obstructing an employee who is seeking benefits. Retaliation may occur as soon as an employee reports an injury.

The Minnesota workers’ compensation retaliation attorneys at Kitzer Rochel are leaders in handling these claims.  In fact, our attorneys helped secure the constitutional right to a jury trial in workers’ compensation retaliation claims in the seminal Minnesota Supreme Court case, Schmitz v. US Steel.

Contact us if you feel that you have been retaliated against or fear retaliation because of a work injury, or because you have filed a claim seeking workers’ compensation benefits.

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