Executive Compensation

Kitzer Rochel’s skilled lawyers have a lot of experience representing employees with executive compensation, contract negotiation, severance review, private equity agreements, or other issues unique to officer, director or C-Suite employees.

Many of our executive clients are offered employment or officer contracts. These contracts can be very wide-ranging, governing job responsibilities, job location, cash compensation, bonus targets and potential, stock grants, options, and other equity arrangements. Employment contracts may also set out the term of the employment relationship, and set forth the scope of any severance benefits if the employment relationship ends. Finally, an employment contract may contain noncompetition and nonsolicitation clauses, which might impact an employee’s ability to work for other employers in the future.

Before signing an employment contract with a new employer or your existing employer, you should consider having an attorney review and advise you on the document. Our lawyers are experienced in drafting, negotiating, and revising employment contracts, including those on behalf of executive and officer-level employees. If you have questions about negotiating a new contract or compensation package, or about an existing employment contract, please contact us to assist you in ensuring it adequately protects your employment rights.

Employment contracts cannot generally waive an employee’s right to pursue discrimination, sexual harassment, whistleblower, retaliation, wrongful termination, or other most other employment claims.

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