Non-Compete Agreements

Non-compete agreements (or “restrictive covenants”) are becoming increasingly common in employment agreements.  Unfortunately, most employees do not even think about their non-compete agreement until they are planning to leave a company or after their employment has ended.  Non-compete agreements are governed by state law, so whether your agreement is enforceable, and what remedies you have to release your non-compete, change depending on the state law that controls.  Non-compete contracts can range from fairly simple looking documents to highly complex, complicated agreements that define a host of different terms.

Non-compete agreements are not easy to understand, and the law governing non-compete agreements can be complicated.  Whether you are negotiating the terms of a non-compete agreement at your prospective or current employer, or you want to join another company and are looking to get out of your non-compete, contact Kitzer Rochel for a consultation.  We can help you determine your rights and options.  Our firm has successfully negotiated many non-compete agreements on behalf of employees.

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